Irodori House, Box Hill

Last weekend, we celebrated mommy's birthday at Irodori House, Box Hill. I had never heard of the place prior to this dinner, but I was more than happy to discover yet another Japanese restaurant in the eastern suburbs. To make things easy, we decided on the banquet menu at $38 per person.

To start off, everyone received their own mini sushi platter. I thought they looked a little sloppy, but they were a good bite-sized appetiser. 

Then came the chawanmushi, which was one of the smoothest I have ever tasted. It was savoury and silky smooth, without any bubbles. 

Next, we received side dishes of bean sprouts and asparagus. We were also served a bowl of hot miso soup and a simple salad each.

And here comes the part we were all anticipating, the BBQ! As part of the banquet menu, each person was allowed to choose between chicken, pork and beef. For our table of five, we decided to go with two serves of pork, two serves of beef and one serve of chicken. We were each given three different sauces and a plate of lettuce and pickles to wrap our meat with.

Our unanimous favourite was the pork. It was well-marinated and thinly sliced, making it a breeze to cook. The chicken was tender and flavoursome, but took a ridiculously long time to cook.

Finally, we had green tea panna cotta with red beans as dessert. It was actually my first time having panna cotta (I always avoided ordering it as I thought it would be too creamy for me). At first, I did think that the creaminess was quite overwhelming, but the flavour of the green tea and red bean evened it out very well. I gradually grew accustomed with each bite.

In general, it was a very pleasant meal, with consistently attentive service. The only downside was that the BBQ grill took a long time to heat up, so we had to wait quite a bit for our meat to be cooked. It did pick up after a while, presumably after all the fats and juices from the meat had drained to the bottom. If BBQ is not your thing, check our the dinner sets as well, as they seem to offer great value.

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