Common Man, South Wharf

On a recent shopping expedition to South Wharf DFO, Quyen and I were in search of some breakfast.  We decided not to use Urbanspoon, but to trust our own instincts and pick a cafĂ© at random instead. We found ourselves entering Common Man, South Wharf.

First impression? It was a lovely space with plenty of room but few customers. I thought that it was because it was too early for most to be awake at 10am on a Sunday.

My order was the smashed avocado on sourdough with feta, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg. The avocado was okay but boring, so I thought it needed a little twist in terms of flavour. The sourdough was over-toasted, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. The cherry tomatoes didn't add much to the dish either. Overall, it was an unimpressive dish with the only positive being the poached egg. 

Quyen had the frittata with goat's cheese, kale, tomatoes and mushroom.  I don't think she was very impressed either.

Overall, it wasn't terrible, but the fact that service was extremely slow made the experience even less enjoyable. I probably won't be back again, and I have now learnt my lesson - Urbanspoon shall once again be my best friend.

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