Tuck Shop Café, Perth

The first meal we had in Perth was a very late lunch at the Tuck Shop Café. Before the trip, I had a quick read on some of the most popular eateries in Perth, and this café was high on the list. My friends advised it was best to go on a weekday, because the queue would be super long on the weekend. Good advice indeed!

Having travelled from cold and miserable Melbourne to warm and sunny Perth,  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and ordered.... iced chocolate instead. Topped with vanilla ice cream and a meringue kiss, it was sweet and cooling.

Deciding on my main was a tough decision, but I finally settled with the smoked cod, potato and leek bake with a poached egg. It was a delicious bake with well-balanced flavours, but as it was quite a dense dish, I wasn't able to finish the generous serving. The poached egg was beautifully cooked, with golden and runny yolk spilling from the centre.

Oh, and did I mention that the bake also came with a cheddar toastie? Crunchy bread with stretchy cheese in between meant that it was the perfect tool for dipping into the bake. I'm pretty sure this dish would have been able to amply feed two people.

My best friend ordered the special, which was warm asparagus and spinach with a poached egg and toast. Not sure what it tasted like, but she finished her food when the rest of us were only halfway through, so I guess that says something!

My other friend had the chorizo, potatoes and pork belly with peppers and a fried egg. I could tell from the ingredients that it was a very filling dish and as expected, she wasn't able to finish it either.

In general, it is definitely a great café that serves quality food that will pamper your taste buds and tummies, but make sure you are really hungry because the portions are huge!

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