Sticky Spoon Café, Herne Hill

Towards the end of our Swan Valley self tour, we paid a visit to The House Of Honey in Herne Hill. As you would have guessed, it was honey heaven. There were tons of honey-related products, including flavoured honeys (with free tasting!), lollies, candles, skincare products and pollen. There was also a live bee display, where a friendly and informative staff member imparted his knowledge of bees and honey to my friends (I was quite distracted by the merchandise and tastings).

The House Of Honey is also home to the Sticky Spoon Café, which, unsurprisingly, had a honey-themed menu. There were honey scones, honey drinks and honey ice-cream, but the one thing we were there for, was the honey cake. Our friend had been harping on about it since the start of the day, so I was very eager to try it for myself.

It was a beautiful slice of art. The cake was made of layers upon layers of caramel and honey and topped with ground walnuts. I was a little worried because I had eaten so much earlier in the day, but it was still divine. It was somehow both sticky and crumbly at the same time, and in no way was it overly sweet. If I hadn't exceeded my sugar quota by like 500% that day, I would have liked to try the honey ice-cream as well.

It was a interesting stop with quite a number of things to discover, and we walked away with some honey candy, sparkling honey water (which was amazing!) and several jars of honey. If you are in search of the honey cake but live far away, fear not, as it is stocked by several other cafés in Perth as listed here.

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