Lamont's Swan Valley, Millendon

After exploring Swan Valley a little more, we stopped by Lamont's, Millendon for a proper meal. Blessed with a casual atmosphere and beautiful views, it was the perfect place for a lazy, relaxing lunch. They offer a tasting menu with dishes that are designed to be shared, so our group of five ordered five dishes in total. 

No indulgent meal is complete without some wine, so we shared a bottle of sweet and fruity rosé.

First up, we had half a baguette and a bowl of olives. I'm not an olives person, so I didn't have any, though I admit I was very tempted to try. 

One of the dishes was this delightful mushroom and parmesan tart topped with spinach and pine nuts. It was a relatively simple dish but it felt so natural. The pastry was flaky, and the flavours of the mushroom and spinach were so fresh it really tasted like they had just plucked it from the back of their garden.

Next up, we had pork belly with mashed potato and salad, and it was a star. Every single one of us made comments along the lines of, "Oh my god, so good!" and "Wow! You should really try this!" with our first bite. Crispy and tasty, there was nothing more that we could ask for.

Tempura whiting was next on the list. Once again, it was a straightforward dish but its clean and fresh flavours really shined through.

The last dish was pork and peppercorn rilettes with roast pears, reduced balsamic and crostini, which was rather interesting for me, as I had never had anything similar before. (My first impression was that it looked like cookies and cream ice cream.) I personally think it is an acquired taste, but it was still an enjoyable spread for the crostini.

In my opinion, this was the best café out of the ten that we visited in Swan Valley. The food was unpretentious, fresh and of great quality. A must try if you are in the region!

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