K.Ho Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, Box Hill South

It's been almost a year since we last went out for crab, so the idea of visiting K.Ho Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, Box Hill South was very appealing. We took our chances and headed straight in on a Saturday night without a booking, and we were very lucky to get one of the last few tables.

We decided to order the crab with flat noodles. While there was a good amount of tasty, juicy crab meat, we didn't think it was worth the price we paid. At almost AUD40 do a pound, we paid more than AUD80 for this 2.25 pounder. The flat noodles were thick and chewy, much like tteok (Korean rice cakes). There was a copious amount of noodles, which we didn't think was necessary, as it felt like they were just trying to bulk up the dish.

When I saw the baby oyster omelette on the menu, I immediately thought of o-jian, our Malaysian version of the oyster omelette. It wasn't crispy like o-jian, but the abundance of oysters with that strong seafood flavour made the omelette very tasty. The dipping sauce had just the right amount of saltiness, which meant that it didn't overpower the oysters.

The complimentary dessert, a warm bowl of sweet red bean soup dressed with evaporated milk, was a nice surprise and a good end to our meal. What we loved about it was that it wasn't too sweet at all.

Although we won't be coming back for the crab (purely because we can get it cheaper elsewhere), we wouldn't mind returning to try other dishes, which seem quite promising. As there were only two waiters serving a fully seated restaurant, the service very slow. Nevertheless, if you are like most of the crowd having a get-together with your family and friends, it leaves you plenty of time to chat.

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