Aisuru Sushi, Northbridge

After a food-filled day at Swan Valley, my friends asked me to choose a cuisine for dinner. There was no doubt that my answer was Japanese, so they took me to Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge. (There is also another branch in Subiaco.)

I was told that this restaurant was very popular for their unique sushi, which was evidenced by our thirty minute wait. Despite having pigged out the whole day, I was a little hungry and rejoiced when we were finally seated.

I've fallen in love with lotus root chips ever since I first had them at Izakaya Jiro Grill & Sake Bar. These were really crunchy, but was unfortunately lacking in flavour. I thought they were pretty bland, so a little bit more seasoning would have been great.

Another entrée that we ordered was the salmon sashimi. It was fresh, but I thought it was quite overpriced. Five thin slices of salmon was certainly not worth $10.

I thought the sweet corn tempura was a pretty special dish, as I don't think I've ever come across it in Melbourne. This dish was an amalgamation of different tastes - sweet and juicy corn, salty and crunchy batter and smooth and tangy mayo. Highly addictive!

We ordered a variety of sushi, the first one being the caterpillar roll - eel and cucumber topped with avocado, fish eggs and aioli. I love how each piece fit into my mouth perfectly. It was quite nice, but I thought it was a little bit of a shame how the flavour of the eel was overwhelmed by the toppings.

The plum flower roll was made of teriyaki chicken and avocado wrapped in egg and drizzled with plum sauce. The sauce was a nice and delicate touch, making each mouthful a delight.
I was anticipating the kirika roll the most - seared salmon and scallops with fish eggs and spring onions on sushi rice, and it didn't disappoint! Just look at those layers of seafood-y goodness.

Finally, we had the spider roll of which soft shell crab was the main ingredient. It was nice, but wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

One thing that definitely stands out at Aisuru is the beautiful construction and plating of the sushi. In terms of flavour, I would have liked them to kick it up a notch, but I do appreciate the subtlety as well. Hop in if you need a break from takeaway sushi!

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