Shyun Ramen Bar, Carnegie

Imagine my delight when I discovered Shyun Ramen Bar, Carnegie. As a huge fan of the original Shyun restaurant, I had high expectations for this new restaurant. Hubby and I decided to visit one weekday night, looking for some delicious ramen to warm our bellies.

To be honest, it didn't feel very comfortable at all as there were a lot of people and very little space. There was barely enough space for the staff to walk around and you could pretty much listen in on everyone else's conversations as the tables were arranged so close together. Still, I was very excited for the ramen!

I ordered the night's special, which was the soy chan pon, described as ramen in a creamy, rich broth served with a mixture of pork, seafood and vegetables. It looked promising when it arrived, but unfortunately it did not deliver as well as expected. The vegetables such as carrot, cabbage and bean sprouts took up most of the dish, and the seafood consisted of several tiny shrimp, some slices of fish cakes and a measly piece of cuttlefish. There was no doubt that the broth was rich, but overly so.

Hubby had the ramen in tori-gara miso, and he also commented that the broth was excessively salty. We couldn't finish our dishes and had to down a full glass of water each.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was the soft serve green tea ice cream. For $2, we nabbed a generous cone to share, and it was soft, smooth and delicious.

Ultimately, I think the original Shyun restaurant offers much better quality food, so while I wouldn't mind giving this bar another try, I certainly wouldn't be rushing back.

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