Love, Desire, Riches And Interior Design

On Saturday, Quyen and I visited the Love, Desire & Riches wedding fashion exhibition displayed at Rippon Lea House & Gardens. We feasted our eyes on mesmerising wedding dresses and accessories that spanned the 18th to 21st centuries. There were dresses worn by princesses and celebrities and in films. As per our plan, we also focused on appreciating the history and identifying the architectural elements of the mansion. 

Why the sudden interest you may ask? Two months ago I finally took the leap and enrolled in an interior design course. I had been thinking about enrolling since the start of the year, and after months and months of finding excuses, there finally came a point where I knew I just had to it - and there was no turning back. My only regret was not enrolling sooner. 

I have to admit it isn't easy. When I read my first two modules I was clueless. Every piece of information was new knowledge to me. All the terms were foreign, and I was wikipedia-ing every single one of them. Doing my first assignment was a bit of a struggle, simply because I had never done any arts or design subjects in school. It was so unfamiliar, yet strangely exciting.

One of the modules focused on the history of architecture. I did a lot of reading to increase up my knowledge but what better way to learn than to see it in real life? Thus, the Rippon Lea House & Gardens became our first architectural excursion! We managed to identify the porte cochère, marble columns, round arches, embossed wallpapers and my favourite - stained glass windows. These particular ones above the staircase looked even more magical with wedding veils hanging from the ceiling.

The exhibition runs from 1st July to 30th September and is open from 10am to 4pm. Tickets are $15 for an adult and $9 for a child so take a look if you have a morning or afternoon to spare!

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