Shizuku Ramen, Abbotsford

Last week, Quyen and I headed to Shizuku Ramen, Abbotsford for a long-awaited dinner after work. We were very good the whole day and resisted the temptation of terrible work snacks (chocolates, chips, soft drinks..), knowing that we would reward ourselves well at the end of the day. After doing some late night shopping, it was time for dinner!

Shizuku Ramen is a contemporary Japanese restaurant specialising in ramen and craft beer. Upon walking into the restaurant, I was immediately attracted to the decor. The atmosphere was dark and pensive but brightened up by a colourful display of beers and beautiful lights.

We had already set our eyes on the soft shell crab tempura way before we arrived. For $27, we received a generous serving of six large pieces. It was tender yet crispy, and even though the crab itself wasn't as flavoursome as I had hoped it to be, the beautiful combination of spices and onions more than made up for it.

Our other entrée was the scallop sashimi. At the start, we both felt that this dish was a little bland. The scallops were fresh and the mayo was a nice touch, but it was still lacking something. Halfway through, we realised that we had been eating it all wrong, as we weren't eating it with the yuzu ponzu (a citrus-based sauce) that had seeped to the bottom of the plate. We then started mopping up the sauce with our scallops and immediately the flavours were enhanced.

My main meal was a bowl of negi cha shu ramen. Overall, I really enjoyed it, as both the ramen and the broth itself were delicious and comforting. However, I was a little underwhelmed with the cha shu, seeing as it was a prominent feature in many of their ramen dishes. I felt that the little strips weren't able to fully bring out the taste I was expecting. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely bowl of ramen, and that egg. I swear I could have eaten a few more of those.

Quyen ordered the Hokkaido miso ramen. I'm pretty sure the ultimate highlight of her dish were the bamboo shoots!

Further indulging in gluttony, we ordered two desserts to share. The first dessert was the sweet almond tofu, which was smooth, light and refreshing. The only downside was that the berries weren't thawed properly and was still a little icy inside.

Our other dessert was the espresso pudding, which has a similar consistency to the almond tofu. For a coffee-naive person like me, I found it pretty strong, but the taste grew on me after a while. It was a great way to end our dinner.

In conclusion, I found Shizuku Ramen to be a Japanese restaurant with a difference. I would definitely recommend popping by to try something different from the typical sushi and noodle soups from takeaway shops. I will definitely be back to try more dishes from their tantalising entrée menu!

Disclaimer: This meal was sponsored by Shizuku Ramen. The content of this post reflects my honest opinions.

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