My First Snow Experience: Dinner Plain

Whenever I say, "I've never been to the snow!", I get responses like "What? Really?!" or "Are you serious?!" or "No way!". Well, it was true, up until last week, when I went on a short trip with my family to Dinner Plain.

Needless to say, I was very excited about the trip. We were tossing between Falls Creek and Dinner Plain, and after considering the fact that we weren't very keen about skiing (which has totally changed, by the way), we decided on Dinner Plain, which was much more affordable. I spent the week before shopping for jackets, thermals, pants, gloves, boots, scarves, beanies, and had to splurge a bit on all these. 

The drive was meant to be 5.5 hours, but after stopping for lunch and toilet breaks we only arrived at Dinner Plain 8 hours later. 

The scenery was magical. I think we were so lucky because there was so much snow! We were there for three days and each day we had a slightly different experience. On the first day, snowfall was very light, which was great because it gave us some time to get accustomed to it. The next day felt a lot like a blizzard as there was some wind and snowfall was nonstop. And on the final day, there was no snowfall, just sunny blue skies, which was amazing.

Here's a photo of me looking like I'm enjoying myself a little too much. (I think it was taken right after I threw a snowball at my brother.)

It was such a beautiful and relaxing holiday. We took walks around the village, played with snow, built snowmen, went on a sled dog tour and rode on a snowmobile. Naturally, we also ate a lot to keep ourselves warm.

On the last day, we decided to be adventurous and embarked on a 3km walking trail. I thought it was going to be cold and tiring, but because of the sun and the exercise, we got very warm. At one point, I had to remove my beanie, scarf and jackets because it was just too hot. It felt pretty awesome to be in just thermals and a thin sweater and pants in zero degree weather!

The combination of sun and snow is just the most enchanting thing ever.

If you are looking for a snow holiday, I would definitely recommend Dinner Plain. I don't think it is as busy as other popular snow destinations such as Mount Buller and Falls Creek, but there is still plenty to see and do. Apart from those I've mentioned, you can also ski, snowboard and toboggan (the slopes cater for beginners) or relax at the spa. There was no resort entry fee and you could either drive 10km to Mount Hotham or take the bus there. We stayed at Krystal Peaks, a three-storey property which was actually able to accommodate 8 people. We had so much space, and our backyard an endless view of snow gums and snow.

Now I can't wait to go back!

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