DIY Glitter V Necklace

A long time ago I bought packets of glitter that I didn't have any use for, until recently when I was making a new necklace for myself. No one can resist a little extra shiny goodness!

What you need:

Blue polymer clay (Over The Rainbow, $4 per 57g block)
Blue glitter powder (Riot Art & Craft, $4 for 6 colour pack)
Silver chain (Thrifted from old necklace)
Jump rings x 2 (Thrifted from old necklace)
Flat nose pliers x 2 (Ebay, $9 for 4)
Clear glue

What to do:

1. Condition a small amount of polymer clay (about 1cm x 1cm x 1cm) until soft and pliable.

2. Flatten the polymer clay until it is approximately 2mm thick. (You can use a jar to get smoother results.)

3. Cut a V-shaped pendant using a penknife.

4. Create a small hole on each end using a toothpick. Then, bake in oven according to the packet instructions. Leave to cool.

5.  Apply clear glue on the top surface of the pendant.

6. Scatter glitter powder over the top surface. Flip the pendant over and apply clear glue on the other surface. Mop up excess the glitter powder.

(To get rid of excess glitter powder, go outdoors and tap the pendant gently against the floor or the wall until there is no loose powder.)

7. Attach a jump ring to each hole using pliers.

8. Add the silver chain to the jump ring using pliers.

I love it! It is so, so simple but still very pretty. You can use any colours you like, I'm thinking gold would be nice! ;)

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  1. We have the same mind! I'm making a gold one! This is lovely :)