Trip To Hepburn Springs

Last weekend my best friend and I travelled to Hepburn Springs for a short, relaxing weekend. We only really decided one or two weeks before going so there wasn't much choice for accommodation left. We were initially looking at staying in Daylesford but most places required at least two nights' stay, so we decided to put up at neighbouring Hepburn Springs instead.

The only thing I had planned for apart from accommodation was dinner at Sault. We were going to wing it when we got there. Heck, we didn't even start driving till 12pm! Halfway through we decided we should have lunch at Lake House and to our amazement, we managed to get a booking for 2pm.

After lunch, we checked in at Bellinzona Grange. A friendly staff member showed us around the house, which was pretty big. There were plenty of accommodation rooms, conference rooms, lounges and even a spa, sauna and swimming pool (where we spent a fair amount of time!). The entire house was surrounded by beautiful greens, but we didn't get to enjoy it much at all because it was cold and raining. Our room was basic, but comfy nonetheless. We found it amusing that the bathroom was almost the same size as the bedroom itself!

Our booking came with a free buffet breakfast the next morning, which was not bad for a complimentary meal. It was the standard fare, eggs, bacon, hash browns, cereals, bread, fruit, juices. 

Straight after breakfast, we headed to Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa for the Sanctuary experience. We had only booked this the evening before! For $85 per person, we had 2 hours of access to the public spa pools as well as the spa couch, salt pool, monsoon shower and aromatherapy steam room. From this trip I've realised that steam rooms and saunas are not for me, but the spa couch was so, so relaxing. Jets of water gave a great massage, and I think we both almost fell asleep on them.

Finally, we stopped over at Captains Creek for lunch before heading home. Green fields, sunny skies and good food right after a spa, we really couldn't ask for more. 

So as you can tell, we didn't really end up doing much apart from talking, eating and relaxing, but it was such a good break from work. Short, but precious. :) 

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