Palsaik BBQ Korean Restaurant, Melbourne CBD

ChangGo has been receiving quite a bit of attention for their eight flavours of pork belly, so when my friends and I arrived before 6pm on a Saturday, we weren't too surprised when we were informed it was at least an hour's wait. The staff member gave us the option of visiting their other store, Palsaik, on Little Bourke Street. "It's bigger and quieter!", he said.

He was right. When we arrived, it was pretty much empty apart from a couple of other tables, but this changed as the night progressed. Presumably, a lot of the crowd had been diverted from ChangGo.

We ordered the eight flavours of pork belly BBQ set and a jug of grape drink (Bong Bong) to share amongst the three of us. The BBQ set included some side dishes and a soybean paste stew, but of course, all focus was on the pork.

The marinated pork bellies were served in little dishes placed on a tray indicating the flavours. The eight flavours were wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot, in order of cooking. A staff member would come around intermittently to help us grill and cut the pork up. I wasn't expecting much, but they turned out to be mouth-wateringly delicious. Yes, each flavour is actually very simple, but that, and some sesame oil sauce is all you need to enhance those succulent, tender pieces of meat. My favourites were the ginseng, garlic and herb.

Make sure you eat them fast, or they will brown a little too much before you know it. I didn't think it was going to be enough food but we were very full. It was also my first time having Bong Bong and it was the best! It was sweet and refreshing and the grapes were so addictive. How have I not heard of this drink before? I will definitely be checking out my Korean grocery store for some of these.

If you haven't been, I do recommend checking it out. I think it is a great concept to be able to taste the same ingredient prepared eight different ways, all in the one meal! Oh, and if you're scared that you will leave the restaurant smelling like BBQ, you can store your jackets and scarves inside the chairs!

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