Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show 2014

Last weekend, I received an invitation to attend a pre-show cooking class hosted by Barilla at the Good Food & Wine Show, led by the winners of My Kitchen Rules Season 2, Sammy and Bella. It was a 8:45am start on a Saturday but I thought it would be a good chance to learn more about food!

The cooking class was held at the Barilla stand, next to Adriano Zumbo's (I admit taking more than a few peeks!). We were taught how to make seadas, a famous Sardinian dessert. The place was a little crammed and quite a few things had already been prepared for us, but it was still a really fun experience!

We kneaded our pre-made dough until it was softer and more pliable, and then rolled it into a thin layer. In a bowl, we mixed ricotta and grated pecorino cheese with the zest of one lemon and one orange. We then divided the mixture amongst disks cut out from the dough. After brushing some egg white on the edges, we covered it with another disk and sealed the sides with a fork. Then came my favourite part, deep frying! We placed the cheese-filled disks in the pan and they came out a lovely golden brown.

Right after it left the pan, we drizzled it with some honey. Mmm. It was lovely, but also quite filling, so my friend and I only had one each.

Here's a picture of me and Sammy and Bella! You see those pretty ones I'm holding? No, I didn't make them. Sammy and Bella let me borrow theirs for a picture.

After the class ended, we hung around for a bit and waited for the show to officially open. To be honest, I thought I was going to stick around for an extra half and hour or so and then leave, but we ended up staying for an additional 4 hours. There was so much to see, eat and drink! It was really interesting to discover independent labels and sample produce that weren't necessarily available at the regular Woolworths or Coles.

This was my shopping for the day. I haven't eaten anything except for the Spotted Dog turkish apple fudge, which is delectably smooth, by the way. We were also gifted with a Barilla hamper each which contained a pasta tin, pasta sauce, biscuits and tortellini. We were also allowed to keep our aprons from the class.

It was certainly a great day out and I will definitely be going again next year if time permits!

Disclaimer: I attended the Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show 2014 as a guest of Barilla and Bite Communications. 

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