Little Chloe, Malvern East

Urbanspoon is amazing for discovering suburban breakfast, brunch or lunch places. Sometimes I just click on random suburbs and read the listings and reviews. Does anyone else do that? Anyway, I decided to visit Little Chloe in Malvern East for a catch-up lunch with my best friend. I love that it is just a couple minutes' walk from the train station!

The waiter was kind enough to give us more than a few minutes to decide on our orders because we spent the first ten minutes or so talking instead of looking at the menu.

We both decided on hot chocolate. It was nice and rich which almost tempted us to get a second cup!

I decided to order the smoked salmon on potato rosti (why can I never say no to smoked salmon?), and it arrived complete with smashed avocado, feta and a poached egg. The potato rosti was thin and crispy and most of the flavours came together very well. The scattered pomegranate seeds, although pretty, felt a little out of place. On the whole, it was an enjoyable, dressed-up version of a classic dish. 

My best friend had the beans cassoulet with pork, spinach, feta and a poached egg as well. I didn't have a taste, but I would like to someday! It looks like a rich and hearty dish.

Overall, it was pleasant in terms of both food and atmosphere. I didn't think anything was particularly outstanding, but it is definitely a nice place for a relaxed meal with family and friends. (We realised we had to leave when they started tidying up the chairs, as it was already 4pm!)

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