Nuts Chan, Mount Waverley

A while ago, my brother and I went for a quick weeknight dinner at Nuts Chan, Mount Waverley. When I first saw it on Urbanspoon, I giggled to myself (doesn't the name sound a little strange?) but then decided to give it a try after reading all the good reviews.

We wanted to share a few dishes instead of having a main each, so first we ordered some sashimi. We were served a lovely variety of fresh fish for a very reasonable price. My brother and I are sashimi junkies so needless to say, we enjoyed this dish very much!

Next up we had some agedashi tofu. For me, agedashi tofu is one of those dishes that don't really stand out, but is always comforting to have. It definitely warmed up our tummies!

I introduced my brother to korokke (croquette) that night! We ordered the yasai korokke (vegetable croquette), which was crispy on the outside and filled with mushy potato and vegetable goodness inside.

Finally, we ordered okonomiyaki (savoury pancake). I'm not a big fan of okonomiyaki as I always feel that it is quite heavy, so I didn't have much. My brother found it delicious though!

All in all, Nuts Chan may be quietly tucked away in a corner, but it sure has a humble and comfy atmosphere and great food. In my opinion, it is comparable to Shyun, minus the queue and difficult parking. I will definitely be visiting again on those lazy days!

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