DIY Long Sleeve Skater Dress

I finally made a one piece dress! No more cheats, like before. ;)

It all started when I bought this long sleeve skater dress from ASOS. When I received it in the mail, I tore my parcel open and turned it inside out to inspect how it was put together (a habit I have picked up since sewing). I remember thinking, "I can do that!" I put it off for a while though, because when I try to sew something without a tutorial of some sort, it usually turns out disastrous.

But not this time!

The grey dress on the left is the one I bought from ASOS and the maroon / wine red dress on the right is the one I made. Granted it's not perfect, but I finally made a one-piece dress that is wearable! I was so excited I showed hubby once I finished, and his comment was "Why did you make exactly the same thing?!" But that was my whole point! :)

I think these dresses are great for layering in autumn and winter so you can bet I'm going to make more of these! I am still working out the best and fastest method so hopefully I can put up a tutorial soon!

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