Straits Kitchen, Mount Waverley

Our most recent eating adventure in Pinewood Shopping Centre was at Straits Kitchen, Mount Waverley. We've walked past this place a number of times and even dubbed it the 'expensive-looking Malaysian restaurant' but never actually went in till about a week ago.

It was certainly more expensive compared to other Malaysian restaurants we normally visit, but it also had a clean and quiet setting which was a nice change.

This was hubby's curry chicken nasi lemak and he really liked it. In his words, 'The rice was nice, the curry was nice, and the chicken was real chicken!' When asked to elaborate about what he meant by 'real chicken', he commented about another restaurant that only served 'all bones and no meat', apparently!

I ordered the Hainanese chicken rice, and the flavours were clean and elegant, as was the presentation. The rice and accompanying soup had the subtle taste of chicken, and the chicken itself was tender and nicely seasoned. Some people would probably find this dish a little bland, but it was just right for me.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. It was definitely a little pricey but the quality of food was worth it for me.

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