Petaling Street, Clayton

One night, we ended up in a Malaysian restaurant called Petaling Street due to Jyu-Jyu being closed and us being too lazy to walk across the road to Ping's Dumpling Kitchen.

We ordered some clams to share, and they were not bad in terms of size and flavour. However, they would definitely have benefited from some extra cleaning as they were still slightly gritty.

For my main dish, I ordered the Sarawak chicken curry laksa. Having grown up and lived in Sarawak for 17 years, I was disappointed both when it arrived and when I tasted it. I wasn't expecting it to compare to what I was used to having but there was just too much difference. Granted, the chicken wasn't too bad, but the soup, which is the main essence of the dish, felt off. It felt like I was drinking oil. I gave up before I even finished half.

Hubby had a fish porridge, which was served quite unconventionally, plain porridge with fish in a clay pot. He said it was tasty, but wasn't too fond of the texture of the porridge. It was more like a 'really wet rice'.

Needless to say, we won't be coming back here again, not with so many other great choices along Clayton Road.

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