Lessons Learnt And Discoveries Made

I'm currently on a week off from work and I'm having the most relaxing time in a long while. It is quite alarming though, how quickly time passes even when I'm doing nothing at all. Anyway, here are some thoughts so far:

# I'm much more unproductive during holidays than when I'm at work, but give me holidays any day anyway.

# Why are there always so many dishes and clothes to wash?!

# Following the point above, I have too many clothes.

# My mental arithmetic skills have deteriorated. Yesterday hubby babbled something along the lines of 29 + 48 + 34 + 57 (probably totalling how much HP he had hacked off the monster in his iPad game) and once he said the last number he said the total straight after. I was still like, "29 + 48.. what?". Where have my Asian level math skills gone?! Seems like the only math I am good at nowadays is multiples of 14 and 28 (pharmacists you will know why!).

# It is an awesome feeling not knowing what day or date it is. For example I thought today was Monday until I saw the time stamp on my latest blog post.

# I have to keep reminding myself that good things take time. For a long time I've been blessed with good results or success that didn't take too much hard work. Now that I'm trying to pick up things that are more challenging, the journey seems so hard and torturous due to my impatience. Breathe. I will get there.

# The difference in the effort it takes to do something you want to do and and to do something you need to do is huge. The question is, should you turn what you need to do into what you want to do, or what you want to do into what you need to do?

# You know that feeling when you have a word on the tip of the tongue? Or when you write a melody and it doesn't sound 'final' but you don't know how else to change it? Or in general, when you need to do something but can't do it? It really feels like constipation, but in your mind.

# I love my cup of green tea before bed.

Have a lovely day!

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