Hammer And Tong, Fitzroy

Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy comes up a lot when I'm talking to my friends about food and brunch places to try. So many people have told me, "You HAVE to try the soft shell crab burger at Hammer and Tong!" and "The soft shell crab burger was so good that so-and-so ordered two!" but I never got the chance up till last week.

I was really excited but at the back of my mind I was afraid that I would be disappointed. Naturally my expectations were high after all that hype, but I tried my best to keep an open mind.

I went with my brother and a few other friends, and we arrived pretty early so that we didn't have to wait for a table. There was no queue but we still had to share a table with others. I had already made my choice before we were even seated, but I still scrutinised the menu out of curiosity anyway.

My breakfast beverage was non other than hot chocolate. It looked beautiful and tasted amazing. I loved that it had the perfect level of sweetness and consistency, and it did a great job of warming my belly!

And this, is the famous soft shell crab burger! Constructed out of brioche buns, light and crispy battered soft shell crab, cabbage shreds, mayo and coriander, it is was a great fusion of different textures and flavours. Once I had my first bite, I realised why there was so much fuss about this burger. It was definitely leaning towards small, and I contemplated ordering something else, but decided not to overstuff myself even though it was so tempting to do so!

Other items on the menu that I would love to try in the future are the breakfast ramen and lavender yoghurt custard (a friend ordered this and it looked so beautiful) so I will definitely be back, just don't know when!

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