DIY Red Skater Dress

I've been sewing on and off for almost a year now, and while I've made a few skirts and some home shorts, I've always wanted to make a dress. To me, that would mark the start of a whole new chapter in my sewing chronicles.

However, even though it's been quite a long time since I started, I still have no idea how to work with zippers, mainly because I don't have a zipper foot (I may also have the beginner's fear of zippers too). Which was why I rejoiced when I came across these lovely tutorials from The Pineneedle Collective!

This is my 'cheat' version of a skater dress. I sewed two separate pieces using Annika's crop top tutorial and no zipper circle skirt tutorial and wore them together to make a dress. I don't think you can really tell! And the great thing is that I can wear both pieces separately as well.

The fabric is a medium weight knit I scored from Spotlight during the Boxing Day sales for $7 per metre. The best thing about being petite is being able to make a dress from just one metre of fabric! I wanted to make a peplum attachment for the crop top though, but I was slightly short. Dang!

I ordered a zipper foot off Ebay a few days ago so I have no more excuses, really. Hopefully I'll be able to master sewing zippers in no time!


  1. Ohhhh, awesome!!! It looks so good (AND it totally looks like one whole dress!) I'm so happy to have helped in the creation of this :D And as a bonus, you can wear them separately as well! (I love red circle skirts). <3 xx Annika

  2. Also, I lost my zipper foot :| So you totally don't even need one to sew zippers! I won't be able to help you get over the fear of using them though - except to tell you that you just need to practice, do it about 50 times and THEN you won't be so scared of zippers anymore! haha

  3. @ Annika: Hi Annika! Thank you so much for your comment, it's a great feeling to hear from the source of inspiration! ;) I tried sewing a zipper with a standard foot once and it turned out pretty wonky, but I will take your advice and keep practising!

  4. You did a fabulous job! Looks beautiful!

  5. Hey, I have a couple of questions. I am planning on making this "cheat" version as well. Did you make both the top and skirt exactly as the tutorials? (which I mean did you follow the crop top tutorial completely including elastic in the bottom or not) Thanks for your answer <3

    1. For the top, I skipped the lining because the fabric I was using was pretty thick. I skipped the elastic as well because I wanted the top to be long enough to tuck into the skirt, so I just tapered it in towards the waist.

      For the skirt, I followed the tutorial exactly :)

      Good luck!