The Proud Peacock, Mount Waverley

For a few days, hubby had been harping on about eating pho, consistently asking me things like, 'So what should we have 'pho' dinner?'. So one day after work, we decided to drop by The Proud Peacock, Mount Waverley.

It is a tiny shop situated within Pinewood Shopping Centre, with tables and chairs lined up so closely that there was hardly any space to move or walk. The menus were presented on curled pieces of plain A4 paper and inspirational quotes directly onto counters with a black marker. Despite the crudeness of the shop's presentation, it was strangely interesting, not off-putting.

We decided to have the combination spring rolls for entrée, which were really crispy and tasty. Paired with a light sweet chilli sauce, it was a lovely appetiser that had us wanting more.

Of course, we wouldn't have come all this way and not order pho. I had the sliced beef and brisket, which was wonderful. The meat was tender and the soup was full of flavour, which I thought was amazing considering they claim that they do not use MSG in their dishes.

Hubby ordered the crispy chicken on tomato rice, which according to him was nice, but not spectacular. I didn't actually have a taste so I can't comment.

We also ordered the lightly battered Japanese tofu with herbs. I must have been too excited when I saw it on the menu, as I mistook it for an entrée instead of a main. I was all like 'Why didn't they serve all the entrées first?' and hubby went, 'Erm, you know the tofu is a main, right?' It was then I realised that we had ended up with three mains, but it didn't matter because we finished it anyway. The tofu itself was super smooth, but I thought the batter could have been more even and just a tad saltier. Nevertheless, it was still yummy.

The most special thing about this restaurant has to be its freebies. Drinks are free and you will be spoilt for choices - tap water, tea and a variety of soft drinks will be available on your table. When our meal came to a close, we were serve complimentary fruit and laming tons which we regretfully could not finish. After we paid, we were also given a popsicle each.

In general, the service was a little slow but it was understandable, as there was a consistent flow of people queueing up. We could see that the staff were getting a little frantic at some point but we were updated every now and then, which I thought was very courteous. The deliciousness of our meals and of course, the freebies, more than made up for it. I will definitely be back - I have got to try the soft shell crab with noodles next time!

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  1. every time I visit your blog, I would die just to have the foods you had :( I want to visit Australia one day when I have a chance since your posts make me want to go there so bad. The foods seem awesome based on the way you describe :) And i hope i can see you one day if I actually have a chance to go there . That will be a very precious experience I can ever have :)

  2. @ Lynn: Thank you so much for all your lovely comments (this and the other ones on previous posts). I read about your MP3 player, I'm glad you recovered your precious memories too! If you do come to Australia, let me know and I will tell you all the best places to eat. ;) Once again, thanks Lynn, grateful to have you as a reader!