Miam Miam, Chadstone

Last Wednesday, my brother and I decided on a whim to experience Chadstone's VIP shopping night for the very first time. We went straight after work (how dedicated!) and after a fruitful three hours or so, we knew we needed some dinner.

At first we were set on PappaRich, but after loading our shopping into to the car, the queue had suddenly become massive, even though it was already well past 8pm. We wandered around, walking past FA-faH, Taco Bill and Oriental Teahouse. In my mind, the situation was already looking pretty glum, as I had never really enjoyed any of the eateries at Chadstone Shopping Centre. I was going to settle with whatever, and then we came across Miam Miam.

I was curious about this shop the moment I stepped in. It was hustling and bustling, and from the name of the shop I couldn't quite work out what sort of cuisine was offered. After having a thorough read through the menu, I realised that their dishes combined both Japanese and French influences. How interesting!

My brother ordered some iced coffee, and he said it was really good. And he's a coffee person, you know, can't go a day without coffee and has his own coffee machine at home. So it must be quite good!

He ordered the Spaghetti Miam Miam, and it was so yummy! I felt bad for sneaking so many bites, but it was so addictive. It had tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, onions, egg and a light, non-overpowering sauce. So good.

I've never had a soufflé before, but I have heard wonderful things. So when I saw this soufflé de nuage I couldn't resist. When the lady at the next table received her order for the same dish, I thought I had made the wrong choice. It looked huge and dense, and I thought I would probably just barely manage half before I started feeling nauseated.

I couldn't be more wrong. When it was placed in front of me, it looked like a cloud. Then when I dug into it, it felt like a cloud. And when I put it in my mouth, it tasted like, okay, you know what I'm going to say here. It was so, so light. You could just smell and and taste the cheese but the density that usually accompanies it was absent. Served with tomato rice, it was the perfect dinner for the night. This is definitely the best way of preparing egg and cheese, ever!

I had to make a pass on dessert because I was so full and it was getting late, but I am definitely coming back next time. In fact, this is probably going to be my go-to restaurant whenever I'm at Chadstone. We relayed our positive feedback to one of the staff and he very happily explained that this was their concept, to combine French-inspired dishes with delicate Japanese flavours. It certainly worked for us!

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