Customisable Ballet Flats Tutorial

pom pom gingham bow heart ballet flats

Too often I find myself being attracted to the same type of flats over and over again, just with different decor or accessories. I can't justify having too many pairs or varieties of black flats, so I thought of this method to turn a single plain pair into as many as I want!

What you need:

Plain ballet flats (Ebay, $14)
10mm x 1mm magnet discs x 2 + 2 per pair of accessories (Ebay, $1 for 10)
Accessories x 1 pair (Hearts: made from polymer clay; Bows: tutorial here; Pom poms: tutorial here)

What to do:

1. Glue a magnet disc to each shoe.

2. Glue a magnet disc to the back of each accessory. Ensure you line the magnets in such a way that they attract the magnets on the shoes, not repel. Wait till glue is completely dry on all surfaces.

3. Attach the accessories to the shoes.

Tip: When you want to change to a different accessory, slide the current accessory off the shoe sideways instead of pulling it off vertically. This helps prevent the magnet dislodging from the shoe or accessory especially if the magnet holds stronger than the glue.

Easy as! Now you can have a single pair of flats and wear it a million ways!


  1. Smart idea with the magnets! I did the same things for my hairclips ;) but I used the hook and loop instead.

  2. So cute! I love that you used magnet. Genuis! If you have a second, I would love if you came by and linked up at The Makers link party over on my blog, :)

  3. @ onel: I love how you can use magnets for so many things! Thank you for your comment, I have seen many of your crafts on craftgawker and they are awesome!

    @ Alexis: Thanks Alexis! I will definitely check out the link party!