Cafe Carpenter, Malvern East

The listing for Cafe Carpenter, Malvern East caught my eye immediately the first time I saw it on Urbanspoon. I was intrigued. I have eaten at plenty of Japanese and Korean restaurants, but not for breakfast or brunch, that's for sure.

That was at least a month ago, and within that time we visited twice, only to find it closed. On our recent day off, we decided to give it one last try, and guess what, perseverance prevailed!

The interior is cosy and homely with so much character. Rug chairs and benches, colourful pillows and other beautiful clutter - there was such a comfortable atmosphere that at one point I felt like putting my feet up (but I didn't, of course!).

While we were waiting for our meals, we sipped on some goji berry tea. Beautifully presented, it was warm and soothing and the goji berries were bursting with sweetness. And the best part, beverages are free if ordered with breakfast before 2pm.

I decided fairly quickly on the Korean street toast. It was made up of an omelette filled with vegetables sandwiched between two slices of toast. I added some cheese and ham for an extra $2, and goodness, it was delicious. The bread was perfectly toasted, the filling came together very well and I loved how there was just the right amount of cheese. Pickled peppers were served on the side and acted as a great palate cleanser.

Hubby had the breakfast for carpenters, which was essentially a big breakfast. It consisted of sausages, eggs, bacon, toast and baked beans served in a stainless steel container. The baked beans were especially interesting, as they were served cold and had a curry flavour.

Instead of describing the service as slow, I would say it's relaxed. Young, the owner, is on his own some of the days, and he takes care of everything, from taking orders and cooking to fixing up the music. Although we waited a while for our breakfasts, we didn't mind at all, and it was definitely worth the wait.

I was going to ask Young about opening hours, but another happy customer beat me to it. Thanks to my excellent eavesdropping skills, here's what I gathered: Mon - Sat: 9am - 11pm; Sun: 9am - 3pm. He's thinking of taking one day off a week after the Easter holidays.

We will definitely be back and we know what dishes we're going to try next. I really can't wait for our next visit!

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