Black Vine Cafe, Mount Waverley

We must be on a subconscious mission to dine at all the restaurants in the Pinewood Shopping Complex, as Black Vine Cafe was our most recent venture for a catchup with my bestie.

Upon first impression, the restaurant was spacious with a cool and relaxed vibe. I was surprised that we were one of few customers there, as I was expecting it to be busier given that it was peak hour on a Friday night.

scallops bacon

We decided to share an entrée of scallops wrapped in bacon. There was slightly too much sweet chilli dressing but it was still quite delicious. These three ingredients were definitely a winner combination, and left me anticipating my main.

angel hair pasta tiger prawns cointreau fried rocket
After pondering over the menu, I decided on the angel hair pasta. Did you say tiger prawns, burnt butter and Cointreau sauce? Oh yes please. When it arrived, I was surprised that it bore a striking resemblance to what we fondly call beehoon (rice vermicelli). I was slightly disappointed with the meagreness of the prawns. On the whole, the dish wasn't too bad but it was too salty. Too much butter translated to oiliness and the Cointreau sauce was very faint. The fried rocket leaves certainly didn't work for me. They tasted crisp and burnt, so I ended up pushing them aside.

tandoori pizzaHubby ordered the tandoori pizza, and he commented that it was soggy. I had a couple of bites and I had to agree.

seafood spaghetti

My bestie ordered the seafood spaghetti. I didn't sample any but all I can say is, none of us finished our mains that night.

In conclusion, the atmosphere was great but unfortunately the food didn't quite meet our expectations. The service was polite but sluggish. I'm not sure if I'll return, I won't actively decide against it but I definitely won't be recommending it either.

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