Lucky Like A Four Leaf Clover

Let me tell you a story.

About four years ago, I had an external hard drive. As you can imagine, I kept everything on that hard drive - photos, videos, music. This included everything I had from high school, Year 12 and the start of my uni days. And then, the day came when it made that ticking sound of doom and crashed. I had no backup.

I tried plugging it in on several different computers, it didn't work. I brought it to a few data recovery experts in town and they told me it would be at least $500 to repair and there was no guarantee. The documents in there were precious to me but there was no way I could afford to pay a few hundred for something that might not even work, especially as a uni student. I got my parents to bring it back to Malaysia for fixing, thinking it might be cheaper, but they were told straight up that it couldn't be repaired. I was so sad, but all I could do was suck it up and try my hardest to gather all the photos from cameras and friends.

Sometime last year, when hubby and I were talking about old times, I suddenly realized that there was something else really precious on the hard drive. They were old recordings and duets that hubby and I had recorded before we had even started dating. At that point I was now willing to pay that few hundred just to retrieve all the data on that drive, but I couldn't find it! I rang my parents, and searched high and low in our house but it was nowhere to be found. I remember crying so badly! Hubby consoled me, saying that we could always re-record the duets, which we still haven't because he is too shy now. But re-recording, it just wouldn't be the same.

And then there was yesterday. I was on a mission to declutter the house. I was in the study room, pulling out all the boxes of junk that we had to create some space for craft storage. There were things from hubby's first home, things from when I was living with my parents, and things we accumulated over the years. Then there was this inconspicuous plastic bag from Strandbags sitting in a box within a box within another box. I opened it. It was my hard drive!

I think I let out a gasp. I was so happy! I finally found it! Now I could take it to the shops and get it repaired! Then I saw my laptop sitting on the table and thought, "What the heck." and I plugged it in. IT WORKED. My reaction was a few more gasps, some 'omg's and lots of laughing. All of my stuff was accessible. All my photos, including my scanned baby photos starting from 1989 were there, plus my music. I quickly transferred as much as I could. After all the photos and one of our duets were transferred, the hard drive crashed again.

I just can't believe my good luck. Sure, I didn't get to transfer all our recordings, but hey, at least I got one! Plus I managed to recover all my photos. It completely made my day. When I had woken up that morning I never thought something amazing like this would happen.

So the lesson from this story is:

1. Backup.

2. Backup again.

3. Miracles do happen but don't count on it.

Now I think I'm going to stick the hard drive back where I found it and try again in 4 years' time.


  1. hahahaah this post made me laugh LOL
    i know that feel, when the hard drive crashes it's so sad..
    anyway, hahaha that was very lucky of you!!! hope it works again in 4 years' time! ^.^

  2. @ Calene: Haha I'm glad it gave you a good laugh! I am keeping my fingers crossed! And backing up like crazy now.

  3. Hey Melissa. It's LYNN :)
    I've been reading your posts but never have time to actually write any comment for you. It's sad to think about a little bit but at least i can make it now.
    The reason I commented on this one first instead of other because the situation you were in actually happened to me as well. It was my first mp3 I ever had since I moved to the U.S 6 years ago and my half brother bought me a light pink mp3 which is made by a company called IRIVER in Korea. I love it. It looked like the ipod but not that fancy. I haven't used it 2 years already since the last time.
    I remembered that day it just decided to die and no matter how hard I tried to charge it but it wouldn't turn on. I was sad even though I saved up and got myself a new Samsung player after but still.... I had so many memories with that cute pink mp3. The funny thing is that after I got the new mp3, I rarely used it due to my busy schedule of school and work, i didn't have much time to really download and listen to music like before.
    About a month ago, while I was cleaning my room and organize things, I saw that mp3 in the corner of the box. I didn't know why but I just grabbed it and decided to charge it again even I already have my new one. And IT WORKED!!!! I didn't know what miracle that could bring back my "dead" old baby mp3 but I was very surprised and happy. I was able to see all the old pictures I took back then when I still was chubby and innocent , also all of my old music that I really liked before. I still can feel the feeling when I recall it and share it to you now. I love the fact that sometimes we assume that if we already tried that before and it didn't work , it means it won't ever work .. and it turned out to be something unexpected and amazing:)
    And of course.. my reaction was just like you. My eyes were open as wide as they ever could and my mouth kept saying "OMG" ( i didn't jump though but I was very close to that point haha ) Yeah, that's my story. Just think that I would love to share with you :) After that happened to me, I read your post the other night and I feel like " mann, i really need to tell Melissa what happened to me. Even we never meet or talk in person before, but I find that there is sorta "mysterious" connection between us when things like this happen .
    Have a good day and by the way, I'm finished "When I think of you" yesterday. My boyfriend loves the song. He said it sounds like the song he can hear in Heaven.