DIY Polymer Clay Necklace Tutorial

When I purchased the polymer clay used to make my dice wall hooks I got a little naughty and purchased in five other colours as well, even though I didn't have any solid ideas in mind. Now I know it's good to always have some on hand, perfect for those afternoons when I crave a little craft.

What you need:
Polymer clay in pomegranate and pearl (Over The Rainbow, $4 per 57g block)
Waxed cotton cord (Ebay, $1.20 per 10m)
Silver ribbon (Spotlight)

What to do:

1. Condition and combine a quarter block of pomegranate polymer clay and a quarter block of pearl polymer clay. (I chose this combination to obtain this particular shiny, rosy colour. Alternatively, you  can use a colour or combination of your choice).

2. Continue mixing until the colours are blended.

3. Form round beads by rolling small portions of polymer clay between your palms. Make seven beads of varying sizes - two small, two medium, two large and one extra large.

4. Push the skewer through the centre of the beads to create a hole for threading.

5. Bake in oven according to packet instructions.

6. Cut a piece of cord about 1m long and thread the beads in the following order: small - medium - large - extra large - large - medium - small.

7. Ensure the beads are centred on the cord. Tie an overhand knot as close as possible to the last bead on both sides. 

8. Hold the cord around your neck and adjust the length of the necklace. Tie an overhand knot using both ends of the cord.

9. Cut two pieces of ribbon and tie over both knots. Trim if necessary. 

I just love love love the colour of the beads! I wore it during Lunar New Year and it was the red / pink element in my outfit. Simple and pretty, I will definitely be making more of these!


  1. What a perfect new year's necklace! Making new crafts out of things you already have on hand is SO satisfying. :)

  2. @ Allison: Thank you and I totally agree with you! :)

  3. WOW! The red colored beaded necklace is wonderful I would say. I really like the concept and idea of making DIY beaded necklace. Recently, I also bought a colorful beaded and newbridge silverware necklace from One necklace is in sliver touch with wonderful design and the other one is having beautiful colored beads. Being a jewelry lover, I also love to do experiments with colorful beads and clay. I would love to implement the concept you have shared above.