Bun Rach Gia Vietnamese Noodles House, Springvale

One day while we were in search of some pho, we stumbled upon Bun Rach Gia Vietnamese Noodle House, Springvale. It was the first time in a long while where we had just randomly chosen a restaurant, without previewing the menu or reading reviews online. I didn't really know what to expect but in a way, it was quite exciting!

We were greeted presumably by the owner, a very friendly man who took the time to explain the menu and recommend dishes. We told him that we were after pho, but he informed us it wasn't available as they served Southern Vietnamese cuisine.  It was the first time someone had told me that there were variations in cuisine between different parts of the country. How ignorant of me! I always assumed that pho should taste the same in any Vietnamese restaurant, but a long but interesting read on Wikipedia later told me otherwise.

special shrimp soup noodles

We weren't really sure what to order, so he recommended the vermicelli rice noodles in special shrimp soup. He warned us that it had a strong smell, but it was delicious and a dish with a difference. He was so confident with his recommendation that he said he wouldn't charge us for it if we didn't enjoy it, so of course we decided to give it a try.

The dish came and he was definitely right about the smell. We didn't mind it though, as we have had plenty of exposure to belacan in Malaysia. We added bean sprouts and another vegetable (they looked like green shredded stems - can someone identify this?) to the soup and dug in. It was so tasty! The noodles were smooth, and all the ingredients in the soup such as prawns, squid and especially the pork were so fresh.

satay beef rice paper rolls

The other dish he recommended was satay beef rice paper rolls. They were huge! These were nice, but not exceptional.

I can't comment on the authenticity of the dishes but they were delicious, especially the shrimp noodle soup. You will receive a satisfying meal at fair prices, so drop in if you're around!

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  1. I'm Vietnamese and I know exactly the feeling you had when you gotta try those foods :) I'm glad that you like my country foods. It's a pleasure to know. If you have a chance to come to the U.S one day and visit the state I live, i would love to make you some fresh and real Vietnamese foods. My mom is a master of those foods ( especially PHO :) )

    1. I hope I will go there ..thanks for your kindness :)

  2. that great .. I was eat when I go to Rach Gia ..

  3. This was a while ago. I think this was JUST as Hung took over.
    the previous incarnation of this place (Pho Cali) used to do quite a good Pho.

    I know Hung quite well now, and he definitely DOES include Pho in his menu now.
    He is slowly developing his menu over several years.

    I STRONGLY recommend you go back to BRG now and TRY his Pho!

    THE BEST PHO I HAVE EVER TASTED! You've never had Pho like it. It is seriously GOOD! The home made sauces he has made for it, the marinated steak he puts in it and the marinated onions, all combine to form a very unique type of Pho!

    All I can say is TRY again! He has come a LONG way!