Auntie's Dumpling, Carnegie

I've always heard good things about Auntie's Dumpling, Carnegie, that it is comparable to Ping's Dumpling Kitchen in Clayton, which we really love. From what I could see and remember, both the menus were almost, if not exactly the same. Naturally, I was expecting a cheap yet delicious meal as we have always had at Ping's.

fish ball soup
First off, we ordered a bowl of fish ball soup to share. As you can tell, there were more vegetables than there were fish balls, but it was still tasty nevertheless. 

chicken prawn dumpling

We also had a plate of fried chicken and prawn dumplings. The dumpling skin were a little too thick
for my liking, and I thought they weren't crispy enough either. Otherwise, they were pretty enjoyable.

steamed pork crab mini buns

We thought we'd try some steamed pork and crab mini buns. Unfortunately, this dish was the most disappointing and least enjoyable of all. I'm not sure if the meat was bad or if it was a case of boar taint, but it smelt and tasted very unpleasant. Hubby and I managed one bun each before giving up entirely.

pumpkin cakes

Lastly, we ordered some pumpkin cakes for sweets. I normally love pumpkin cakes, but found myself forcing my way through these ones. They were over-fried, with too much flour and red bean filling that was dry and flaky. It was definitely not one of the best pumpkin cakes I've ever eaten.

Sad to say, we are unlikely to visit again. With Ping's located within a comfortable distance and serving better and more consistent food, we will probably head there instead.

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