Wunderbar, Rye

One fine Sunday, hubby and I drove to Rye just for fun. We stopped by the beach for a bit (which was really pretty but crowded!), but we both knew that this was going to be more of a food trip.

We arrived at Wunderbar just as it opened. We instantly noticed the beautiful interior of the restaurant, complete with sturdy wooden tables and chairs, couches with coffee table books, pictures of castles, fancy menus. According to hubby, there was also a garden seating area at the rear.

I ordered chicken thighs braised in white wine served with pommes dauphine. I rarely order chicken when I dine out, but they sounded so good, even though I didn't know what pommes dauphine were. When my dish arrived and I had my first taste, I knew I had made the right choice. The chicken thighs were plentiful and tender, and the broth was so heavenly. I really loved the subtlety of the white wine. We tasted the pomme dauphine before actually Googling it, and we guessed it to be some form of potato puff. We were right! They were simply seasoned with salt, and were so crispy and so light.

Hubby had the dory fillet served with celeriac velouté and parsnip chips. The fish was really fresh, the velouté light and creamy, and the chips ultra crunchy, which added a different texture to the dish. 

I'm sure you can tell I love this place. I don't think I have any reason to visit Rye again, but in the case that I do return I will definitely be dining here again. Please give this place a try if you are in Rye because I highly recommend it!

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