Shyun, Carnegie

Shyun, Carnegie is top on my list of go-to restaurants of all time. Hubby and I actually started frequenting this place since two years ago, before they extended the seating area into the alley and back room. There was a period of time where we went there almost every week and we have since watched it go through various changes.

There is usually a queue if you go between 7pm to 8pm, so we tend to go a little earlier. If you are visiting for the first time, a staff member will teach you how to use the iPad ordering system. Their dishes are grouped into different categories such as appetisers, noodles, rice, drinks and dessert. You can keep adding dishes throughout your meal and eventually request for the bill once you're done.

On our most recent visit, I ordered the sashimi omakase, which I always have every visit. For $24.20, you get 24 fresh slices comprised of five or six varieties of fish. For the quality and quantity, I find it really worth it. 

Hubby decided to go with the chicken katsu curry don. The chicken was really crispy and tasty, and the amount of sauce given was plentiful. If you need more rice to soak up the sauce, you can ask for extra at no charge.

For a side dish, we ordered the agedashi tofu which was soft, smooth and delicious. I think it was a great hot dish that complemented my sashimi very well.

Other items that we have tried include octopus balls (takoyaki),  egg custard (chawanmushi), lightly seared beef slices (beef tataki), vegetable tempura (kakiage), deep fried oysters (kaki fry) and deluxe bento. I really liked all of them, except the deep fried oysters which I found ordinary. Then again, I have yet to discover a restaurant that prepares them to my liking. We have not tried any noodle dishes as of yet (I keep getting sucked in by sashimi) but we will definitely be trying them out someday.

In terms of dessert, please do yourself a favour and try their green tea ice cream. It's the best I've ever had, with strong green tea flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. Unlike many others I've tried, it does not look or taste artificial. Sometimes I just buy a cup of ice cream from them if I'm in the area, even if I'm not dining in!

It is one of very few restaurants that brings us back again and again over such a long period of time. I definitely recommend putting this restaurant on your to-try list!

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