Paradise Road, Glen Waverley

Slightly over a week ago, it was my parents' 34th anniversary. To celebrate, they treated us to dinner at my restaurant of choice, Paradise Road, Glen Waverley. Come to think of it, we got that all mixed up, didn't we? Them treating us on their anniversary, and me picking the place? Oh well, that's just how we roll!

When we arrived at 7pm that Friday night the place was already jam packed with people, but luckily we had a booking. A lot of the items on the menu looked very appetising, and after deliberating for a while we managed to narrow down our choices. 

thai food
We ordered a papaya salad with prawns to account for our vegetables. We expected this dish to be very refreshing, however we were disappointed because it was over sauced. The prawns were nice but they distracted from supposedly the main ingredient of the dish - papaya, which I could barely taste.

thai food
What is a Thai meal without green curry? We ordered ours with chicken and it was flavoursome! You could just smell the ginger and coriander. It had us heaping spoonfuls of coconut rice onto our plates.
thai food
We also ordered steamed barramundi fillets seasoned with garlic, coriander and lots of lemon. Most of us thought it was too sour, but I really liked it because it packed a punch! The fish was fresh and wasn't over or underdone.

thai food
And finally, we had soft shell crab from the specials menu. We had an option of black bean sauce or curry, and we chose the former. Like the papaya salad, it was completely over sauced. I could barely taste the crab and it was so salty it was difficult to have even just a mouthful without some rice. In the future we will probably save black bean sauce for beef only.

I also ordered dessert, which was water chestnuts, jackfruit and lychee in ice coconut syrup. It sounded great but unfortunately did not taste as much. It was refreshing to have water chestnuts and jackfruit used in the dessert but the syrup tasted like it was half chilled and came out of a can.

On the whole, it was a decent meal but the dishes were hit and miss. We probably won't be coming back again, which is sad because it means I am still on the search for a Thai restaurant I really love!

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