DIY Travel Keepsake Box Tutorial

I'm the sentimental type of person that accumulates gifts, cards, books, tickets, anything that is connected to great memories - which are a lot of things. As a result, all these items from different trips and outings have been chucked into random boxes and drawers, unsorted. Every time I do some spring cleaning, I can never bring myself to throw anything away, yet I can never put them somewhere they really belong.

When I saw this idea from Martha Stewart floating around on Pinterest I knew I had to make these travel keepsake boxes. I have just made my first box for my recent trip to Maldives, and I am loving how all my memories are safely stashed in this little box. Here's how I made mine.

materials paintbrush acrylic paint alphabet stamp pad wooden box

What you need:

Wooden box (Spotlight, $16)
Alphabet stamps (Etsy, $16)
Ink pad (Typo, $5)
Acrylic paint (Kaisercraft, $1)
Paintbrush (Riot Art & Craft, $16 for set of 5)
Keepsakes / memories

What to do:

1. Paint the box with some acrylic paint diluted in water. Several coats may be necessary.

2. Stamp your destination onto the box.

3. Fill the box with your keepsakes and memories.

(I put flight tickets, hotel itineraries, leftover currency, luggage tags, maps, a few favourite photos and a USB containing all the photos and videos we took.)

It's great for storing all the bits and pieces as well as being part of my home decor. I can't wait to make a few more for my other recent holidays!