DIY Polymer Clay Dice Wall Hooks Tutorial

no nail damage

For quite a while, I had been meaning to spruce up the living room by hanging my favourite scarves and hats, and to do this I needed some black wall hooks. When I put on my best face and told hubby about my idea, he said 'Sure, as long as it doesn't involve nails!'

That got me stuck for a bit because all the wall hooks I liked required some nailing. I searched for self-adhesive wall hooks but there were very limited designs and colours, and I was adamant about black. After rummaging through my craft box, I found some polymer clay and ping! I had a lightbulb moment and decided to make my own self-adhesive wall hooks in the shape of dice.

What you need: 

3 x 57g black polymer clay (Over The Rainbow, $4 per 57g block)
3 x 3M self adhesive clear mini hooks (Officeworks, $8 for a set of 6)
White acrylic paint (Kaisercraft, $3)
Glue gun (Spotlight, $8)
Fine paintbrush (Riot Art & Craft, $16 for set of 5)

What to do:

1. Condition clay and mould into the shape of a die.

2.  Press the hook into one surface to create a dent. Ensure the surface is large enough to cover the hook.

3. Remove the hook.

4. Bake in oven according to packet instructions and then wait till completely cool.

5. Paint dots onto all surfaces and wait till completely dry.

6. Glue the hook into the dent using a glue gun.

Once you're done, peel the backings off the adhesive strips and attach them to the wall. And there you have it, cute little hooks that do not require nails or cause damage to the wall. Yay for polymer clay!

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