DIY Magnetic Pen Holder Tutorial

How many times have you had to dig through your bag or scout around the house for a pen just when you need to add a few things to your shopping list on the fridge? I know I've done that plenty of times. We were at Daiso the other day and saw some magnetic pen holders made of plastic. It was cheap and handy but I wanted to make my own prettier looking version!

What you need:

Aeroplane jelly crystals 85g (Coles, $1.20)
Patterned paper (Kaisercraft, $0.50)
Self-adhesive magnet sheet (Ebay, $1) or unwanted promotional magnet
Double sided tape

What to do:

1. Remove the jelly crystals from one end of the box. Make it.

2. Slice the tabs off the open end.

3. Measure the height and width of each face. Add 0.5cm to the height of all faces except for the base.

4. Cut out five sheets from the patterned paper corresponding to the measurements from Step 3.

5. Carefully stick the sheets onto all faces using double sided tape.

6. Fold the extras over to cover the raw edges.

(Alternatively, you can wrap your box like a present if your paper is thin enough.)

7. Measure the height and width of the face that will be attached to the fridge. Cut out a sheet from the magnet sheet corresponding to these measurements.

8. Peel the backing off the adhesive and adhere it to your box. If you are using a promotional magnet, attach it to your box using double sided tape.

It is now on my fridge and I think it looks super cute! It has the perfect height for storing pens and pencils. Off to eat my jelly now! ;)

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