Of Berries And Cherries

Last weekend, my family and I headed to Silvan for some fruit picking. I had set my eyes on Blue Hills Berries & Cherries, and after stalking their website for a couple of days prior to our visit I decided that it was best to arrive early.

We arrived at about 9:30a.m. and it was definitely one of the better times to be there. There were few other people and the weather was cool and refreshing. The entry fee was $13 per person which included 1kg of berries. After purchasing our containers, we were brought into the farm. It was really big! There were sections and sections of strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries and blackcurrants. Unfortunately there were no blueberries at the time (we were all a little bummed out by that) but we easily filled our containers with other berries.

Hubby and I have never really been fond of raspberries since we normally associated them with cough medicine, but after tasting a few fresh ones off the plants we were sold. We picked heaps and heaps!

blue hills berry picking upick berries

Many pretty berries. Yum.

Strawberries were a little harder to find. There were plenty of plants but they seemed to have been heavily harvested. There weren't many big strawberries but they were all very sweet. Between the five of us, we eventually gathered about 1kg of strawberries.

This was one of the larger strawberries I found. So sweet!

When we finished we brought our berries to be weighed and found that we slightly exceeded our 5kg limit. We were charged $13 per kg for the extras.

After loading them into the car we decided to continue our fruit adventure with some cherry picking at Chappies down the road. The entry fee was $9 per person which included all you can eat at the cherry farm, plus $9 per kg for any that you want to bring home. The only reason we chose this place over Blue Hills Cherries & Berries  was that the entry fee was slightly cheaper.

When we got there it was about noon time, so it was getting a little too sunny and crowded. From the reception, we hopped onto a bus and rode for a couple of minutes to the farm.

It was mind boggling. I have never seen so many cherry trees at one place in my life! When we arrived, we started eating. We picked bunches and bunches of cherries and ate to our hearts content while scouting for a 'better' tree. There was no difference really, as all of the cherries were really good, although they were a little soft from the heat.

We left with 5kg of cherries about an hour later, when we were all feeling a little nauseated from eating too much.

Half of our berries went into a summer berry trifle for a party that night and a handful into our smoothies the next day. We still have plenty more left in the fridge and freezer! It was definitely a great harvest, and a great day out!

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