Wong's Lucky Bar, Boxhill

I love crab. It has always been my ultimate favourite food since young, though I have added oysters and sashimi to this list over the years. My favourite way of eating crab has to be mom’s simple recipe of steaming it with some ginger and cooking wine, but of course I have had the luxury of eating them in various other dishes. There’s stir fried crab, soft shell crab, drunken crab (we once fed a live crab so much wine it completely stop moving), strands of crab meat in shark fin soup, I could go on forever.

Mom told me she used to be able to buy crabs for about RM20 per kilo at the markets back in Malaysia, which according to the current exchange rate, would be just over AUD6 per kilo. We’re talking about king mud crabs with so much meat that one crab could feed our family of four. 

Unfortunately after I moved to Australia, I had to suppress my cravings. Crabs here are so expensive, and tiny! I usually only get to eat it during special occasions like Chinese new year, but one night hubby suggested having crab just because. Of course I agreed!

After some Googling, we decided on Wong’s Lucky Bar, Boxhill. They apparently did good crab at a decent price, so off we went. Situated just next to the tram stop, we quickly made our way in and grabbed seats in the far corner, glad that we didn’t have queue. Straightaway I saw posters advertising crabs for AUD19.80 a pound, and I thought to myself, ‘That’s cheap!’. I completely forgot the fact that most crabs would weigh way more than a pound.

The waitress came to take our order and informed us, that their smallest crab, a 2.5 pounder, would be just nice for us. We accepted her recommendation and ordered some clams as well.

Yum! It wasn’t cooked in my favourite way but it was still heavenly. The crab was meaty and juicy, and the noodles that were served with it was really tasty. The only disappointment was that they replaced one of the pincers with an extra half body plus legs, as pincers are my favourite part along with the head. Nevertheless, it was still very satisfying albeit a little expensive.

The clams stir fried in XO sauce were really yummy as well. Even though we went there with the crab as the main focus in our minds, the clams weren’t overshadowed and we really enjoyed it. The clams were meaty, chewy and had that slight seafood-y smell. Delicious!

It was a great meal, but we will have to save these dishes for rare occasions only. For just these two dishes, our bill amounted to slightly under AUD100. If you know of any places with good and affordable crab, please let me know!

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  1. 1.8-2.5 lb is about as small as they come

    you really need to keep an eye out for the specials in the chinese/local newspaper
    Chinese restaurants seldom advertise in English newspaper

    dont know about melbourne but when they on special in Sydney they can go for under 10 bucks a pound
    usually comes with some sort of special condition though like have to order two mains

    so small crab will be around 35-40 bucks cause they charge you extra for noodles and crab without noodles is such a shame (unless you go for salt n pepper in which case a 2lb is too small)

  2. @yull yu yu: I would never have thought to check out the newspapers for specials! Thanks for the tip :)

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    Can you cook? Do you live near Footscray? Well Little Saigon Market in Footscray have live crabs for about $14-$17 per crab. http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/little-saigon-market-by-katherine.html