Westend Pumphouse, Hobart

Now this is a restaurant that I have been waiting ages to review. On our first night in Hobart, I had to turn to Urbanspoon to find a restaurant within walking distance of our accommodation since we were pretty tired. After looking through the top 50 in Hobart, we decided to go to Westend Pumphouse.

When we stepped in, the first thing we noticed was the cool and funky atmosphere. It was about 7pm on a Wednesday and we noticed a lot of people by the bar, presumably chilling out after work. We were told that we could choose between two different menus, either a grazing menu with dishes to share or the standard sit down menu with individual mains. We were pretty hungry, so we decided to go with the standard menu.

I loved the menu! It highlighted the main focus of the dish, and briefly stated how it was to be prepared and the accompaniments it came with. Descriptive enough to sound appetising, yet not overdone to keep it slightly mysterious. The five of us ordered a different main each.

oyster cucumber sorbet dressing

It was a really nice surprise when we each received a complimentary oyster with a cucumber sorbet dressing. The oyster was fresh and the sweet, refreshing taste of the dressing complimented it very nicely. It was a good start to our dinner!

raw scallops caviar potato pork crackling lemon gel
This was my dish, and it might sound exaggerated but I think it is the best dish I have had throughout my food adventures so far. It has been almost a month since I ate this but I still remember each and every ingredient and the taste, oh the taste. It was raw scallops served with lemon gel, potato crisps and pork crackling. It was my first time having raw scallops, but it was an awesome first experience because they were so fresh. They were plentiful and were served in thick, nicely cut slices. Combined with the citrusy lemon gel as well as the salty and crunchy potato crisps and pork crackling, it was a heavenly blend of flavours and textures. I was buzzing with excitement from start to finish!

pork belly pea black garlic crayfish popcorn

Hubby ordered the pork belly, served with pea sauce, black garlic and crayfish. I had a little taste of everything, and it was really good as well.

octopus venison kingfish

The other mains that we ordered were the octopus, kingfish and venison. I thought the octopus was a very interesting dish. The octopus was served in the form of a steak. Although slightly too chewy and a tad overcooked, it had nice flavours. I didn't try much of the kingfish and venison so I won't comment on those dishes.

Ultimately, I really like this restaurant  for its unique combinations of ingredients and preparation style, resulting in special and delicious dishes. I was really impressed by the food, in terms of both flavour and plating, as well as service (our food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering). It's too bad that its in a totally different state, otherwise I would definitely come back just to have the scallops again!

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