Tombolo Freycinet, Coles Bay

On our way to Wineglass Bay, we stopped by Tombolo Freycinet in Coles Bay for lunch. It is a small café with breathtaking views of the Hazards mountain range. The picture below was taken just outside the café where we parked our car.

beautiful tasmania scenery coles bay freycinet

So beautiful, don't you think?

Anyway, the café had a very limited menu, with only about five mains to choose from. The daily special, an Asian style seafood broth, looked very appealing, therefore three of us ended up ordering it whereas the others ordered fish and chips. Our food came a little slow, however, our waitress was very friendly and chatted to us and kept us updated on the progress of our food.

These were the fish and chips that daddy and hubby ordered. I stole a few bites, it was yum! The fish was nicely crumbed and the chips were crispy. They used a fish called latchet instead of the typical choices but it was still really fresh and yummy!

asian seafood broth noodles clams mussels fish

And this, was my seafood broth! First off, the seafood (fish, mussels and clams) were really fresh and the broth was bursting with intense flavour. When I had my first mouthful I shuddered (because of its awesomeness). However, for $24 the portion was really small and barely filled us up. It would have been nice if there were more noodles to bulk up the dish and to balance out the flavour. It was a great dish, but when we got back to the car, the three of us who ordered this had to eat muesli bars and chocolates because we were still quite hungry.

In conclusion, it is a great place to stop by for a relaxing lunch and to take in the beautiful scenery it is situated within.

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