Laneway, Devonport

The first proper meal we had in Tasmania was at a quirky café called Laneway, Devonport, located just a short drive from the exit point of the Spirit of Tasmania. As we hadn't had any breakfast (half a banana does not count), we were so glad and relieved to discover that it was already open at 7:15am.

The menu was quite limited, but somehow all five of us ended up ordering different dishes.

I had the smashed avocado and feta on sourdough with eggs, plus pancetta as an add-on (you could have either that or roasted mushrooms). It was generally a nice dish, however I found the pancetta quite overpowering. The poached eggs were quite inconsistent across everyone's dishes as some centres were very soft and others quite firm. I felt that they could have been fluffier as well. For a drink, I had hot chocolate (there's not much else when you don't drink coffee, is there?) and it was awesome!

Hubby ordered the vegetarian breakfast, which was essentially the same as the big breakfast dish, only with tomatoes and beans instead of bacon and chorizos. He found the tomatoes a little too sour for his taste, but otherwise enjoyed the meal. He especially liked the hash brown which tasted homemade and was very crispy.

My brother had the spanish beans and he really liked it as well. He mentioned that the chowder was good, but could do with a little less sour cream and more bread. Otherwise, it seemed like he really enjoyed the dish!

Mom had the same dish as I did, only with mushrooms whereas Dad had the big breakfast. They thought the dishes were good, however, they did comment that the coffee was quite ordinary.

As a whole it was a lovely place that served good meals and I would recommend stopping by for breakfast if you arrive by the Spirit like I did.

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