A few weeks ago, hubby and I jetted off to the beautiful Maldives for our belated honeymoon. We had been planning for a long time in advance, and most details and bookings had already been settled during April this year. I spent quite some time before that researching different destinations such as Fiji and French Polynesia but after considering many different aspects we decided on Maldives.

I started checking the weather forecast one week beforehand, and it was predicted to be raining and storming every single day we were there. The night we arrived in the capital city, MalĂ©, it was pouring. We were tired and wet, our escort driver from the hotel was drenched and driving while wiping his face  with tons of tissue, the roads were packed with cars and bikes and pedestrians even though it was almost midnight. When we finally checked into our hotel at about 1am, we were told we were going to be transferred to our resort at 5am. It was crazy, but somehow it was so fun!

We stayed at Vakarufalhi Island Resort, which we chose based on its great reviews and comparatively affordable price.

This was our beach villa at which we stayed for 3 nights. When we arrived outside and saw the sun beds and chairs, I was so excited. Then when we went in and saw the room and the outdoor bathroom, I was even more excited. And when we went out to our little section of the beach I was jumping up and down. The villa, the beach, the view, everything, were so beautiful.

As it turned out, the weather was perfect. Breezy in the early mornings and evenings, and sunny during the day. Towards the end of our holiday, it rained on and off, which I was grateful for because we caught several rainbows. As hubby said, it is a place where almost any picture you take looks like it jumped out of a travel magazine. 

Basically we did nothing but eat and relax. In the mornings, we woke up early to catch the sunrise and walk along the beach. After breakfast or lunch we went swimming and snorkelling. We saw so many pretty coral and fish, including Dory! Occasionally we just lounged and read, played some table tennis, broke a sweat in the gym. Other days we went for pamper sessions at the spa and on one of the days we sailed out to a local island. And in between all these, we took plenty of photos (final count of 1440).

On the fourth night we were transferred to an over water villa at a different resort called Maafushivaru Island Resort because of some booking issues at the first resort. It is an amazing feeling falling asleep to the sound of lapping waves and waking to the view of the ocean. During the day, we lazed on our deck and occasionally popped down the ladder for a dip. 

All three meals of the day were served buffet style at both resorts. There was a variety of fruit, bread, pasta, cold cuts, hot food and especially dessert. There was also a station where the chef would freshly whip up some omelettes or grill seafood upon request. There were different themes every night, but sometimes the food didn't vary too much. We got a bit bored of the food towards the end of the holiday but it was still really good. What I really loved was they always had four different flavours of ice cream during lunch and dinner, so I probably had two to three scoops of ice cream each day. I tried spicy chocolate ice cream for the first time and I loved it! The only regret was that I didn't manage to try much Maldivian food as we left the day they had the 'Maldivian Night' theme.

We stayed for a total for 5 days and 4 nights and found it just nice. There were plenty of other activities and excursions such as fishing cruises and swimming with turtles and dolphins, however we decided to skip these because of hubby's seasickness and my lack of swimming skills. Nevertheless,  it was a relaxing holiday and we felt so lucky to have been able to experience such an amazing view and atmosphere. I will always remember Maldives' picturesque shores, sunrises and sunsets, baby sharks swimming near the shore, rainbows arching over the ocean and so many more. 

Signing off now.


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