Barilla Bay Restaurant, Cambridge

Our last stop in Tasmania before heading back to Melbourne was Barilla Bay Restaurant, Cambridge. This took high priority on our to do list and we specially set aside some time to visit.

If you have read some of my other posts, you would know that I love seafood, especially oysters. If you haven't, well, you know now. We arrived slightly before the restaurant opened and spent some time in the shop. We bought some non-oyster related produce such as mussels, honey and chocolates and soon it was time to head up to the restaurant.

We only ordered two dishes, the 'shucking awesome' oyster platter and the seafood platter for two. We weren't sure if it was going to be enough food for five people, but the waitress advised us that their portions were very generous. We were glad we took her advice.

barilla bay oysters

The shucking awesome oyster platter landed us 30 oysters with various toppings for $49. The dressings included pear and verjuice, shallot and raspberry vinegar, thai flavours, kilpatrick and spinach and parmesan mornay. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. They were good, but I have tasted better. The oysters were small and all the dressings were so overpowering that you could barely taste the oysters. I really wanted to choose a favourite dressing, but realised that the natural oysters were still the best.

barilla bay oysters prawns fish calamari abalone salmon octopus scallops mussels crab

The seafood platter had plenty of variety, and also came with salad and chips. There were more oysters, prawns, fish, calamari, abalone, smoked salmon, octopus, scallops, mussels and a crab leg. Once again, it was enjoyable but nothing really stood out. I did quite like the pickled octopus and the hot prawns.

I might have set my expectations too high but the meal was only good, not great. I am glad for the experience but I probably won't be visiting again the next time I am in Tasmania. 

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