Bamboe, Chadstone

I have never had Indonesian food before, so Bamboe, Chadstone was a slightly adventurous choice for dinner.

We were warmly greeted as we entered and were quickly led to a table. My first general impression of the shop was that it was quite oily, however this brought back fond memories of eating in restaurants in Malaysia with similar atmospheres.

After browsing through their extensive menu, we decided to order an entree and a main each. After all, how big can entrees get when they are mostly priced under $10, right? Wrong.

After we placed our order, a staff member kindly moved us to another table because 'we might need more space'. And he was right!

bamboe chadstone holmesglen indonesian food
bamboe chadstone holmesglen indonesian food
Shown above are our 'entrees', bakwan jagung (corn fritters) and martabak telur (beef and egg pastry). The servings were huge. These could have easily been our mains with leftovers if we hadn't been really hungry after work. Both dishes were very crispy and tasty, and you can never go wrong when you pair fried food with sweet chilli sauce. Delicious as they were, we only ate half and brought back the rest for  the next day's lunch. (It still tasted really good after being microwaved!)

bamboe chadstone holmesglen indonesian food
bamboe chadstone holmesglen indonesian food

For our mains we ordered gado gado (Indonesian salad) and ikan bakar (grilled fish). The gado gado, consisting of various vegetables and garnishes such as crackers was refreshing. Teamed with peanut sauce, it reminded me a little of rojak that I used to have in Malaysia. I found that the dish lacked a little depth, but was enjoyable nevertheless.

As for the ikan bakar, we were slightly disappointed with the size of the fish given the price and perhaps the sizes of everything else. It was small and bony, but cooked well. It might have been because we were quite full, but we found it relatively ordinary.

All in all, we had a great meal (and a great lunch the day after) and we were very pleased with the food and service. We will definitely be back to try all the other things on the menu, and that would probably take a while!

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  1. Badai banget makannanya..
    Ngiler euy.

    Saya ijin meninggalkan jejak ya, jika ada yang butuh Box Makanan bisa hubungi Greenpack.