Let's Bab, Chadstone

When we discovered the row of shops near Holmesglen, Let's Bab, Chadstone was actually the first restaurant we wanted to try. However, as we were visiting in a group of five there weren't enough seats to cater for us and we ended up going to Niko Niko instead. A while later, hubby and I decided to return to give it a go. Given the great reviews and ratings, we had high expectations.

First off, we ordered some fried dumplings (mandu) for our entree. They were crispy and tasty, but quite ordinary.

chadstone holmesglen korean food
For my main meal I ordered the stone bowl bibimbap. It looked amazing and was pretty good in terms of taste. There were many different types of vegetables and a fair amount of meat, however, the rice was a little too wet for my liking. I found the side dishes a little disappointing as well. While the kimchi was yummy, the chicken wing was lukewarm and the anchovies were soggy.

korean food chadstone holmesglen let's bab
Perhaps the biggest let down was the seafood ramen. The ramen was plenty, the seafood was sparse and the soup was overly spicy. It was a dish we were both struggling to enjoy and before we even finished half of it, we were eating it for the sake of not wasting it.

In general, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. If you are around the area and in search of a quick and cheap meal, this restaurant might be the place for you. Personally, I most likely will not return as there are many similar eateries that I have yet to try.

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