Bekendales, Croydon

A while ago, hubby and I were in Croydon for a gathering. We planned to have lunch at a local cafe. As we were unfamiliar with the area, we looked at recommendations on Urbanspoon, but of course, it was still very hard to choose. In the end, we decided to try the cafe located the closest to where we parked, and it turned out to be Bekendales, Croydon.

We arrived early on a Saturday afternoon, and the place was filled with people already. We were lucky enough to grab a table for two immediately. Bekendales offers breakfast all day and dishes include the typical eggs, toast, big breakfast etc. However, I was very attracted to their lunch menu and decided on the chicken pide whereas hubby ordered the beef burger.

We waited, and waited. After almost 40 minutes our food finally arrived. I remember thinking to myself, "It had better be worth the wait."

And it was.

This was my toasted pide filled with chicken, mayo, cheese, avocado and spinach. So. Good. I never used to be much of a bread person (hubby is ten times crazier about bread than I am) but I think this dish has converted me. How can I even describe the goodness of the pide? Perfectly toasted, not too heavy, not too dry or moist, and came with awesome fillings.

I probably couldn't have chosen a worser angle when taking this picture. It doesn't look like one, but it is actually an open beef burger. Once again, the bun was awesome and the fillings were really substantial. Thick beef patty, tomato, beetroot, spinach, cheese, sunny side up piled onto good bread. The mayo was apparently house made and it was the perfect finishing touch for the burger.

Both our dishes were huge and we were both really full (I may or may not have exchanged half my pide for three-quarters of hubby's burger). We left feeling very satisfied, and I definitely would love to visit again even if we have to wait that amount of time again (but preferably not). Definitely give this cafe a go if you are around the area!

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