Nyonya Hut, Glen Waverley

Nyonya Hut, Glen Waverley is a little restaurant offering authentic Malaysian cuisine. This eatery has been recommended by quite a few friends and we have finally had a chance to check it out (and several times at that!)

The first time I stepped into Nyonya Hut I felt a sense of nostalgia. Having spent about 7 years in Australia and living in the suburbs for most part, the sight of kuih, a&w root beer, ice kacang, popiah etc. brought back so many memories.

On our most recent visit, we ordered curry laksa, chicken rice and an ice kacang to share.

glen waverley nyonya hut malaysian food
I didn't get to taste the curry laksa, but hubby told me liked it. With a generous amount of noodles, adequate toppings and lots of shallots, it was a dish that he re-ordered during the next visit.

malaysian food nyonya hut glen waverley
malaysian food nyonya hut glen waverley
I love me some delicious chicken rice. I have tried Hainanese chicken rice at many restaurants and while this doesn't top the list, it is certainly one of the better ones I have had. Firstly, the flavours of the rice, chicken and soup were just right, not too salty. Also, the amounts of rice and chicken were proportionate, which is important for me because I have struggled to finish my chicken on several occasions at other restaurants. The only thing that I felt could be better was the sauce, which I found to be a little bland.

malaysian food nyonya hut glen waverley
And finally, the ice kacang. This was definitely my favourite. Shaved ice, sweet syrups, palm seeds, grass jelly and other delicious toppings all combined into one dessert equals win! The level of sweetness was just nice, but I do recommend sharing with someone else as it may be a little sickening if you are eating it alone (unless you have a very sweet tooth!). Even though it was listed under desserts, we had it alongside our meals as a drink as we used to do in Malaysia.

I also got to try the kuih seri muka on another visit, and although it was a tad too sweet for me, I definitely enjoyed it. It reminded me of the rare occasions when I followed my mom to the markets to buy all these random snacks for cheap. :)

Overall, it is a good place for a cheap and nice meal. A tip from us would definitely be to bring cash as we have found their EFTPOS facilities a little ambiguous. They have a notice stating that they accept EFTPOS for any transactions over $25, however, one on occasion, we were told that desserts could not be included in this minimum (this is not indicated anywhere on the notice). Otherwise, eat and enjoy!

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