Niko Niko, Chadstone

We only recently discovered a strip of shops / eateries near the Holmesglen railway station and the first that we managed to try was Niko Niko, Chadstone.

After we were seated, we were presented with two menus - the regular menu containing individual dishes and the chef's recommendations menu containing dishes to share. As we went there with my family, we decided to order entirely from the chef's recommendations menu (some dishes had so many thumbs up it was hard to resist).

We ordered the following:

chinese asian food holmesglen chadstone

#1: Stir fry watercress spinach

This was the best dish out of everything we ordered. It was relatively refreshing compared to everything else (you will find out why in a moment) although a little expensive. In Malaysia, we call this vegetable 'kangkung' and we get it for oh so cheap.
  asian chinese food holmesglen chadstone

#2: Deep fried soft shell crab with salted egg 

I decided on this dish two seconds into reading the menu as it was the one with the most thumbs up. When it was served, I was so excited to dig in, but as much as I love soft shell crab I couldn't bring myself to eat too much because it was so salty. I felt that it could have been so much better if they had cut back on the salted egg.

asian chinese food holmesglen chadstone

#3: Salt and pepper chicken spare ribs 

 Again, too salty.

asian chinese food holmesglen chadstone
#4: Salt and pepper tofu

Finally, also too salty. The flavour and texture of the tofu within the batter was really nice, and the batter itself was crispy, however, the amount of salt sprinkled on top of everything was almost off-putting.

In general, everything except the watercress spinach was way too salty. At the start, we were served a huge jug of tea. We were surprised and thought that it might be the first time not needing a refill but we were wrong. The tea didn't end up being enough and even with all that fluid, our lips were shrivelled when we left. I wouldn't mind visiting again, however, I will definitely limit our order to one salty dish only. That paired with other toned down dishes, should be a better experience, I hope.

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